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Voice intranet enables advanced document handling. With storing documents in document libraries, document versioning and collaboration on documents you and your team can improve productivity and prepare documents faster.

Voice intranet is packed with predefined team sites (collaboration, classic, blog and project site) for collaborating with members of your team or those working together on a project and communication sites for sharing news, reports, statuses, etc. with others. Documents versioning and collaboration on documents with real-time co-authoring is what brings your employee’s productivity to the next level.

Analytics and KPI make a significant contribution to the adoption of a new portal and consequently to its success. It can help to identify the key content that users are most often accessing and the content that may be under-exposed.

We can include the Matomo (PIWIK) tool which is a free web analytics tool that offers a large number of features that can be used in conjunction with the intranet portal. In addition to the Matomo tool, there are more paid web analytics tools that can work with Voice intranet.

Voice intranet gives your employees access from anywhere on the world in optimized view for all touch devices, including smart phones and tablets.

It applies your corporate brand to intranet with customized colors, fonts and logo. It is important that the intranet is visually appealing and includes high-value tools which will attract your employees to the intranet.

Build on existing experience

Voice intranet incorporates knowledge base, where employees can write about new findings and best practices in their work. Multiple authors contribution enables other employees to learn about things that are not necessary for them to use in their work, but still relevant to them.


Great workplaces strive to make all communication rich and relevant. It doesn’t matter if an employee is at a desk or in the field — they always know what’s going on.

Voice intranet provides a clean, yet visual news experience that employees will love. Every news can be targeted to ensure you are communicating the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Intranet personalization will not only be appreciated by users, but it also benefits to the productivity of entire organization. Write interesting content, upload pictures and measure employee engagement with Likes and Comments.

Bringing employees together is what you want to achieve in your organization. People directory is the center of your intranet, where employees can find all information about their co-workers, from basic contact information to more in-depth info on each person’s expertise and experience.

It is important not just to create quality policy content, but also to ensure our employees comply with it. The ability to confirm that policies, processes and procedures have been received and understood by each of our employee is the basis for compliance. Voice intranet enables you to target relevant documents, set reading deadlines and track employees’ acknowledgements.

A blog is a powerful tool for sharing new information, gained knowledge and experiences. Whenever there is an information that everyone in the company needs to be aware about, blog is one of the best ways to share the information.

An internal blog enables the management to constantly communicate about company vision, core values and goals. With these information in mind, employees are daily working towards fulfilling company vision, values and goals.

Employee engagement can also be boosted by enabling them to post issues, concerns or questions. This is especially important in large scale organizations or organizations with multiple office locations.

Events are an important factor in building connected culture, knowledge and relationships. Voice intranet makes it easy to plan, manage and register for events. Employees can register and save event to their calendars. On the other hand company can track who’s registered, send updates and reminders for event attendance.

Intranet social features are very important in achieving employees’ engagement. Blogging, sharing, chat, Yammer and team workspaces encourage employees to communicate and collaborate. When users are engaging through the social tools on the intranet, company is getting valuable information on how to improve intranet social tools and how to contribute to employee’s engagement.

Project & Work Management

By introducing the project infrastructure adapted to your methodology and method of work, you will have all your internal projects gathered in one place with insight into one project, project phase or over all projects. Project insight gives you a greater transparency in the process of reporting and monitoring of projects, while at the same time the process is simple and not time-consuming for all involved. The history of data on key project components (status report, milestones and financial picture of the project) is automatically built and always available for additional analysis.

Save time and become more productive with an automatic preparation of documents that are in every day’s use. Ensure quick preparation and consistency all over the organization.

Document Generator is designed to easily create prepopulated & predefined documents based on templates. With Document Generator, company can maintain all templates on one location in the SharePoint document libraries and available from the drop-down list. Faster work is enabled with specified rules for auto-generation (naming convention, saving locations, bookmarks). With Document Generator unified document look is ensured!

Checklist incorporated in Voice Project & Work management shows all project requirements (risk identification, reports preparation) for each project type and requires from a project manager to actively indicate, which activities were performed. All projects are managed in compliance with the company’s standards and project methodology.

Voice Project & Work Management solution includes Microsoft Planner which makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.

Deployment as you want it

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on-premise
Microsoft SharePoint Online environment as part of the Office 365 cloud

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