More closely connected with intranet: Bayerische Versorgungskammer
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May 2018

More closely connected with intranet: Bayerische Versorgungskammer

At Bayerische Versorgungskammer, insurance and pension funds company, care for employees is high on the priority list of values. This includes informing employees about the internal events and activities of the Company in the external environment, which was one of the key reasons for the establishment of the new intranet portal – to provide a simple, well-organised and responsive tool enabling efficient communication among all employees.


  • To present information for all employees in a structured, well-organised and user-friendly manner.
  • To replace the existing intranet portal that is running on an outdated platform.
  • To select a platform that will enable IT systems consolidation and simple integration with other IT systems.



  • Transparent, simple-to-use and open tool for collaboration among all employees of the Company, based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016.
  • Simplified display of information.
  • Contains building blocks and tools: news, calendar, recent activities list, discussions, blogs, surveys, e-library, meeting room management, job vacancies, classified ads, menu, widgets.
  • Accessible via mobile devices.
  • Support to employees with disabilities.
  • Compliance with the WCAG/BITV 2.0. standard.


  • Enhanced cooperation and communication among the employees at all levels.
  • Simplified business processes and improved employee productivity.
  • Increased employee commitment and loyalty to the Company.

About the customer

Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK) is a Bavarian pension funds company and the largest public pension fund in Germany. It has more than 1200 employees, 69 billion in capital assets and records approximately four billion euros annual payments in various insurance and pension funds. In addition to securities, its assets comprise more than 12,000 housing units and 566,000 square metres of commercial premises for lease.

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