It is no secret that Microsoft SharePoint is the most popular platform for communication and cooperation support in companies, and this will probably not change in the future. From the very beginning of its existence, companies have been making good use of its functionalities. Proof can be found virtually anywhere. Intranets, extranets, business process support by means of workflows and forms, customized solutions, work with documents and integration with Office tools are only some of the most striking examples for the popularity of SharePoint. Without any doubt, this platform is a large “business” involving several hundred million users, billions of euros and thousands and thousands of service providers. With the flourishing of Office 365, whose part SharePoint Online is, these figures became even higher. Unlike the SharePoint Online cloud service, where novelties come in almost on a weekly basis, the server version of SharePoint Server has always had a three-year cycle, in which the manufacturer prepared a major upgrade. The year 2016 is consistent with this schedule and, as such, also marks the release of SharePoint Server 2016. The purpose of this quick guide is to show how to switch to the latest version of SharePoint – the cloud version or the server version – and thus make the best use of the platform options.